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Our charitable donation program is part of our ongoing effort to help make this world a safe, nurturing, loving place that protects and embraces all people and animals that have made planet EARTH our home.

We are very passionate about living an eco-friendly life, protecting and keeping our oceans clean and healthy and we are striving to help protect nature in ways that advance the long-term welfare of present and future generations.

Our SISTERS ALOHA mission is to provide our customers with products that we love, that we are proud of and that are of the highest quality.

When able, we take the opportunity to offer products made and manufactured in the USA and products that are sustainable.


All SISTERS ALOHA products are unique, custom made and produced per order.  Around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental damage. One in every five garments reaches a landfill without being worn even once. By choosing SISTERS ALOHA products, you choose apparel that’s created only as the order is placed, creating less fabric waste than conventional manufacturing.



What is recycled polyester?
Recycled polyester (rPET for short) is a fabric that’s produced from synthetic fibers. Recycled polyester is produced by recycling existing materials (like plastic bottles and packaging) but still has all the characteristics and performance as a regular polyester, making it a more sustainable fabric alternative.

How’s recycled polyester made?
Recycled polyester is made by crushing plastic products into small pieces. These small pieces are then processed into yarn, transformed into a fiber, and in the end—made into a fabric.

What are the advantages of recycled polyester?
Producing rPet takes 33% to 53% less energy than creating polyester from scratch. Also, rPet produces approximately 54.6% fewer CO2 emissions to the air than virgin polyester.


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Water Reduction. Our apparel is manufactured using newer, more efficient dye machines which use 7x less water than the average for clothing manufactures, saving 24 million gallons a week. Any water that is used goes through a filtration system that allow it to be recycled.

Energy Reduction. Our apparel is manufactured using solar energy to power the sewing and cutting facilities, motion-sensor LED lighting and there are skylights throughout each building.

Virtually Zero Waste. Our manufacturing facilities produce almost no landfill because they recycle pretty much everything that can’t be turned into a tee.


The entire manufacturing process for our apparel takes place right here in AMERICA! They are designed here, dyed here and cut here. All of the production is 100% sweatshop-free and Platinum W.R.A.P. Certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production)


Designed with superior airlume combed and ring-spun cotton.

What Is Airlume Cotton? It’s the highest quality combed and ring-spun cotton you can get. Our manufacturer uses clean cotton. They remove 2.5x more impurities than standard ring-spun cotton through their extensive combing process. They also ONLY use long cotton staples, which means there are less stray fibers when yarn is spun, resulting in a smoother surface.