turtle swimming underwater during daytime


Our charitable donation program is part of our ongoing effort to help make this world a safe, nurturing, loving place that protects and embraces all people and animals that have made planet EARTH our home.

We are very passionate about living an eco-friendly life, protecting and keeping our oceans clean and healthy and we are striving to help protect nature in ways that advance the long-term welfare of present and future generations.

Our SISTERS ALOHA mission is to provide our customers with products that we love, that we are proud of and that are of the highest quality.

When able, we take the opportunity to offer products made and manufactured in the USA and products that are made to order.


All SISTERS ALOHA products are unique, custom made and produced per order.  Around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental damage. One in every five garments reaches a landfill without being worn even once. By choosing SISTERS ALOHA products, you choose apparel that’s created only as the order is placed, creating less fabric waste than conventional manufacturing.